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    Are you among those who have wondered how to fill their life with greater meaning, happiness and value? If you are, read below the summaries from a number of the stories found in

    Tales of Love and Service: Stories From the Heart

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In over sixty countries, John has made contributions as a teacher, trainer, project director, writer and a working volunteer involving service, education and sports programs. He feels fortunate that his work, his concerns and passions often align. Over the past three decades ha has been drawn to serve in areas noted for their history of violence and religious struggle, as well as to a wide variety of indigenous communities.

For years, Author John W. Gehring was one of a team who worked to design service programs that encouraged mutual respect and cooperation between those of different religions, cultures and nationalities. The author likes to mention that by shoveling soil and moving bricks in over 40 countries, he and other volunteers and community members were provided unique opportunities to build bonds of trust, to listen, discuss and discover.


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About Tales of Love and Service

The book, Tales of Love and Service: Stories from the Heart, explores the everyday lives and challenges of parts of humanity that are often overlooked by those who may have grown too accustomed to the comforts of home. The author shares with readers not only the challenges that face those living in the grasp of Lady Poverty, but chronicles how the power of one person can inspire positive changes for many. He celebrates the triumph of the spirit in the characters in his stories.

John is moved by those who want to add meaning and value to their lives, and he hopes the unsung heroes you will meet in these stories will inspire as well as challenge you on your life’s journey.



Tales of Love and Service:Stories From the Heart

Today's conversation is with John W. Gehring, author of Tales and Love and Service: Stories from the heart. John has worked on service, education, and sports programs in more than 60 countries. His stories from the heart explore the everyday lives and challenges of parts of humanity that are often overlooked. John hopes his experiences will inspire you on your life's journey to transcend the things that divide us and discover new connections and friendships.

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